Confectionary BreakDown.

I've mentioned before about Nestle's KitKat bars tendency to flavourize its snappy stix with exotic tastes. My latest find is キウイ (kiwi) but in the past I've made note of Pineapple and Vanilla Beans.
If you have a few minutes to kill, go to KitKat BreakTown and click around. It's kind of fun to see how seriously they Take a Break. I like the Time Machine to check out old commercials. You'll need to log in to get to the game or see a movie though.

This article talks about the use of キットカツ (kitto katsu loosely translated as "I hope you will win.") as lucky charms to wish each other good luck before taking an exam.

They promote these wafers rather vigourously with over 80 different flavours unique to Japan and recently, KitKats have come packaged with CD singles (Crappy J-Pop Tripe flavour-see below) and a special limited edition double pack of KitKat Crispy Monogatari came bundled with a mini book featuring six short stories, one of which is written by Koji Suzuki, author of the Ring cycle series of books.

Can't elope? Try a Canteloupe flavour instead.
栗 (kuri = chestnut). I'm not fond of chestnuts unless they're roasting over an open fire. We'll see about these.
Brandy & Orange "For a moment of precious indulgence."
Orange & Chocolat.
This one has promise.

Warning do NOT watch this Baby Boo video unless you have a high tolerance for sweets. A diabetic coma may ensue...

Before they caught on, this KitKat commercial is from 1985 starring one of the J-poppers of that time, 宮沢りえ (Miyazawa Rie):

And here's a UK commercial that would be popular with the Japanese crowd. They loves their Thunderbirds!

I'm taking some of these to Shaft tonight to do a taste test with my friends. I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow. So far my favourite has been the Kiwi.

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