A Bridge Too Far.

Last Sunday was an International World Festa event at the International Centre. There were several booths set up, represented by several different countries.

I looked around a bit and sampled some delectable fare for lunch including some so-so Indian Curry & some great ribs from Montana, an American style restaurant (022-376-6444) and an African beer called Tusker.

I chatted with an acquaintance and frequent attendee at Echophonyk, Akiko (I think that's her name.) I hope to see her on Friday and I hope to see YOU as well!

I witnessed a fashion show of feraners in kimono. There were several other displays, but I didn't stick around for I had to get back to my long-lost and recently regained obsession, BRIDGE! I played for about 6 hours on Sunday and since yesterday was a holiday, I managed to get in another 6 hours of trumping and finessing. (My partner & I came 3rd out of 7, not bad for a 9-year absence from the game!)

Anybody else who wants to partake in this game of Sultans & Kings, check out Sendai Bridge Club.

If you wade through till about 2:40, you can watch Chico & Harpo play bridge in Animal Crackers, one of my all-time favourite bits of theirs.

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