Ladies Night At Shaft.

Formally, it wasn't Ladies' Night, but of the 101 people who partook, those of the feminine persuasion were the major focus of the pictures I took last Friday. Without further ado, here are the lovely ladies that I personally encountered:

First up a medley of Michiko & Ayano, my favourite duet.

Dita, the best looking DJ in the history of Echophonyk. (Sorry Mokugohan, Mixture et al. You just can't compete.)

This is Naomi, a former music teacher from my former school making her Shaft debut in the company of her friend, Eri.

Miscellaneous maidens. (Play "Where's Waldo" & try to find Mrs. Mixture!)

Finally, here is Sleeping Beauty and her narcoleptic suitor. I love the swirling cigarette smoke in this picture.

Be sure to click on the pics to view the photos in an enlarged state...

By the way, the Maple Leaf cookies were a big hit. And much to my surprise, KitKat came through with a new flavour early Friday morning. My boss welcomed me to work with a package of フランスロレーヌ塩 (French Lorraine Salt-flavoured) which tasted of white chocolate with a whiff of salt. Only my special friends received these, everyone else got cookies.

Coming soon, will be podcasts of the event and hopefully a video of me dancing up a storm at 4 in the morning!

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