Why, You Crazy - The Fall'll Probably Kill Ya!

Before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon of praising Mr. ポール・ニューマン, I wanna cut the line and be amongst the first to do so. Some of the characters' names he's played that I recall without looking up are Hud, Butch Cassidy, Fast Eddie Felson, Reg Dunlop, Luke, & John Rooney (I remember this name, because I just finished the graphic novel, Road to Perdition).

Movies that he's done from the top of my head include: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Hudsucker Proxy, The Sting of course, The Verdict, Harper, & Towering Inferno. If I check his imbd, I'm sure I can remember more. I just checked, there are more I've seen but I just realized he was in Cars which I never did see.

The only movies of his that I currently own are スラップショット in which he swears incessantly and plays hockey.

暴力脱獄 which I watch every few years and is another of those movies that, though I own it, when it crops up on TV, I'll start watching it.

And Where the Money Is which I have on VHS because it also has my friend, Dorothy Gordon in it. I've known DJ (her stage name is Dorothy Gordon, I know her as Dorothy Jones) since the early 80's when we worked together in a marketing firm. I moved on to my Social Work gigs and she retired from interviewing mooks in the mall and re-entered her 63-year Acting career after a 14-year absence. We would meet a few times a year (usually on equinoxes & solstices) and one of the first topics we'd speak of would be "Did you know SUCHnSUCH who just died?" and we'd listen to her personal anecdotes of the individual. I had just moved to Japan when she completed filming on her Paul Newman flick so I wish she were here right now to relay another of her anecdotes to me.

My only other personal anecdote I have of him is a tale regaled by my sister-in-law's sister. Nancy was on her lunch break and was picking up an ice cream cone for dessert when, whom did she espy behind in the lineup, but you know who. She picked up her jaw from the floor, paid for her cone and was ready to leave when Mr. Newman interrupted her and asked her why she had put her cone in her purse!

A funny guy and a true humanitarian, you'll be missed.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't add this fact since its the most Mike Jonsiest of Newman's-
Artist Gil Kane based his original illustrations of Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern) on Newman.
So there ya go- Yes, he was an awesome dude who my mom was in love with when she was a tweeny-bopper.


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