My New Favourite Ozu Book!

In my never ending search for cheap Baum (not Balm, my skin is fine), I discovered this book written by 島田コージ=Shimida Kozi and drawn by 小宮山 みのり. This edition of オズのまほうつかい , which can be ordered here, is the wackiest version I've come across yet.

I've shown you other copies of the original Oz story here & here and it was based on an anime of the story. If you look in the upper lefthand corner of this cover, you'll see that it too was based on an anime. Now I have even more DVDs to seek out. (It's that whole Pandora's Box thing, once opened...)

It starts off innocently with ドロシー (Dorothy) chilling with her puppy, トートー (Toto), while her uncle toils away chopping wood and her aunt hauling a basket full of stuff.

When out of nowhere, a large たつまき or tornado strikes. While ドロシー is looking for トートー, their house is drawn up into the sky.

Her aunt & uncle are yelling for them but meanwhile ドロシー & トートー are using their airbourne house to land in オズ and meet an old lady in white and her tiny companions......

who point out to her...

...that she used the 東のまじょ (Witch of the East) to cushion their descent.

ドロシー is given a pair of blue (blue in the picture, but silver in the kanji: 銀) shoes by 北のまじょ (the Witch of the North) who scammed them from the corpse.

And so giving thanks, ドロシーと トートー set out on their journey along the 黄色いれんがの道 (Yellow Brick Road.)

Along the way, they meet a henpecked (oops crow-pecked) かかし (Scarecrow) who asks them where they're headed. We're off to see the 大まほうつかいのオズ (Great Wizard of Ozu.) I'm tired of these カラス (crows) pecking at my stupid head, so I'd like to join you.

En route, they meet a ブリキのきこり (tinplated woodcutter) who upon admitting that he has a cold heart, agrees to join them to see the 大まほうつかい.

Soon a 大きなライオン (large lion) who went, "ウオー!" (roar) leapt upon トートー! ドロシー yelled, "あぶないっ!" and jumped in front of the others towards the ライオン.

ドロシー smacked the ライオン on the nose who began sobbing uncontrollably, "I am nothing but a 弱虫 (coward)!" They convinced him to travel with them to オズ to seek some 勇気 (courage.)

After many days, they finally saw a sparkling green みどりエメラルドみやこ (Emerald City.) They proclaimed, "I can get home! I can get brains! I can get a heart! I can get courage!"

Surprisedly, they are confronted by a terrible floating severed head that instructs them to defeat the 西のまじょ.

As they approach, the 西のまじょ espies them with her telescopic eye and desires to make the girl her slave after she gets the shoes.

She orders some どくばち (hornets) to attack the ブリキのきこり and カラス to attack the かかし.

The ブリキのきこり aids the ライオン in overcoming a おおかみのたいぐん wolfpack by chopping them in the neck with his axe (Kick axe, man!)

西のまじょ gets pissed and orders some flying さる (monkeys) to capture ドロシー (I think they look great in purple!)

The 西のまじょ threatens ドロシー and attempts to grab her shoes.

ドロシー unintentionally picked up a bucket of water and flung it at the 西のまじょ who shrieked and melted. (This is the first time we see the witch head on and I adore her cycloptic nature!)

The gang heads back to the エメラルドみやこ to confront the 大まほうつかい with the news of her demise.

トートー knocks over a separator and reveals that he is none other than a normal human.

He goes on to explain to the trio that they have had Brains, a Heart & Courage all along.

The ecstatic threesome dance a jig while he breaks the bad news to ドロシー.

A more youthful 南のまじょ shows up and informs D that she can return home at anytime with the magic power of her silver shoes.

ドロシー bids her friends goodbye and flies up on a strong wind.

ドロシー lands on her butt outside her farm (too bad she wasn't given landing lessons) and happily exclaims to トートー that they're home!

I'm certain that the DVD version of this story will suck immensely but I really enjoyed the artwork for this story. I've discovered lots more of these books, and I'll continue presenting them when I have the time...

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