Bean There, Done That.

I was pretty sure I had tried Zunda bean-flavoured KitKat before but they went and changed the box design and sucked me in. The ずんだ or zunda bean paste is a specialty of Miyagi prefecture and around this time of year, you can find it several different confectionaries. Since this is a rerun then, let's start the post over again...

Muscat Love.

The other day, I discovered Muscat of Alexandria KitKat. It smells very grapy but tasted akin to white chocolate somehow.

While I'm talking about grapes, how about a few paragraphs for the oenophiles amongst us then?

I'm not much of a wino, but I do partake in the odd glass every now and then. The last time I actually bought any was an expensive bottle of Niagara Icewine. I found it delish, though a bit too sweet for my palate. By an odd coincidence, I managed to find some Niagara grapes at my local farmer's market today and they were the cheapest of the bunch of bunches.

Buddy Alex's brother-in-law happens to own a vineyard in California. This is the only link I could find to R.H. Phillips, but it appears that he wins lots of awards.

A brief anecdote: a friend of mine visited Coco's Vineyard outside of Tokyo and before going he and his uncouth pal learned that they employ the mentally handicapped from a nearby facility to make all the wine from harvest to fermentation. (Of course they made crude jokes about it en route, but at least they felt guilty about it afterwards.) It sounds like an admirable effort, hiring the handicapped and all, but if you click that link, you'll see a picture which shows them dressed in jester outfits while working. I feel it sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

That's all I got about wine for now and I know this isn't about KitKat or wine, but this advert is about Muscat Candy:

Oh yeah, I do have one more bonmot. This movie once assisted in me getting some!

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