I didn't expect to find a new KitKat so soon, after having discovered several in the last week, but, lo & behold, there was a new one staring me in the face. I was hoping it would be something exotic like 梅干 (umeboshi or sour plum/apricot) or even 狸睾丸 (or Tanuki Testes), but no it was plain old White Chocolate-flavoured. Boring it may be, but it was the tastiest one I've had since Watermelon.

What I'm not disappointed in is this weekend's lineup at the Johzenji Street Jazz Festival. I have complained in the past at the lack of Jazz in their so-called Jazz Fest, but this one does seem to proclaim at least some jazzy performers. We'll see...

If anyone meets me on Saturday or Sunday and mentions my blog, I will hand over a KitKat to you. I'll have several on hand, so I'm expecting to meet many of my fans!

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