It's That Time Again!

Time for some more KitKat news. I've been delaying this for a week, hoping yet another flavour would rear its tasty head, but I can hold my tongue no longer, KitKat has gone all A-Flurry and the proof is in the Pudding!

Another reason I've delayed talking about KitKat is since a commenter on this post named Mark, who is undoubtedly by Big Brother poo-pooed my obsession. I felt I had to have a break (Have a KitKat! Doh. I can't stop!) from the wafer biz. In that thar link, I mentioned a frozen McFlurry ice-cream treat and now Nestle has gone further with an actual McFlurry-flavoured Chocolate Bar. It certainly tasted better than McDonalds' cup of goo.

Far more yummy was a キャラメルプリン (Caramel Purin=Pudding) which has a funky Halloween cover with little bats & ghosts & witch's hats as well as a Jack-'o-Lantern proclaiming that KitKat can be eaten anytime for good luck. (As an aside to brother Mark, don't worry, I'm not pigging out on these wafery goodies, I have one to taste-test and then I give the rest away to co-workers & students. I have actually lost weight of late!)

It's also time again for Echophonyk by the way & I hope you all come out tomorrow night.

Unless a new flavour of KitKat comes out before tomorrow night, I don't have any to give to my loyal readership. But what I do have is a bag of Maple Leaf Cookies that are left over from my Bridge club the other day. I bought 2 bags, not knowing how many members there would be. I brought the cookies as a treat (bribe) for welcoming me into the club. What this means is that I now have plenty of Biscuits to give away to anyone who mentions this blog (and for all the hot chicks I meet!)

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Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to poo-pooing big brothers. Yours is the chosen path! How do I know? Why, I'm none other than the supreme Kit-Kat leader! For hundreds of years we've been seeking a human who truly respected our endevours to slowly populate the earth with a large variety of our seasonally-assorted species. Finally, we've found him! You have been chosen as the first human to addres the Kit-Kat grand council upon our invasion of the earth beginning at precisely 9p.m. tonight at Shaft. We will contact you upon our arrival and you shall heil us as your new overlords, becoming our liaison with your kind. Speak of this to nobody as this will force us to terminate their existance immediately.
This is no dillusion or prank-
Michael Tiberius Jones! Only YOU can understand the truth and the revolution begins now!
Stay tuned for further instructions


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