Now That's What I'm Talking About!

I finish work early on Tuesdays, therefore I biked over to my local cinema to see what I could see, and I beheld, ハンコック (Hancock.) I haven't read any of the hubbub on this movie, so my opinions are basically my own, but I loved it. It is definitely not for the kiddies, but it had an excellent mix of humour, action and comicky goodness to make any adult a fan. (Yet even I thought the term "A-- Hole" was overused.) I noticed that the crowd at the theatre included many hot babes who were definitely there for a Will Smith fix. They were not disappointed!

Now I have to wait 2 more weeks until we get アイアンマン (IronMan.) This is why the pirates do their piracy thing. We need a faster turnaround on these movies Hollywooders! (Of course I just read that N.A. will have to wait until late 2009 for Miyazaki's epic of Ponyo, so I do get some small slice of revenge. That reminds me, I better go see that flick before it disappears.) By the way, see the picture of Green Hulky & Red Ironmanny Fries? The green is avocado-flavoured and the red is spicy.

Not surprisingly, there was some product placement inherent in the movies. Surprisingly it was for KitKat!
(Ah, who am I kidding, the only KitKat placement is in this here blog!)

Since my last foray into the crispy goodness of KitKat a few days ago, I have seen 4 different products gracing the shelves. First up, is Strawberry flavoured. I bought this on Sunday and tried it out on my co-workers yesterday. (Note to self: start keeping these in the fridge, they tend to melt in the sudden heatwave we're experiencing.) Though there was a slight strawberry-odour when the Mini was opened, I didn't detect any particular strawberry taste.

What does kick ass with this, is the packaging. Strawberry in Japanese is often written in hiragana as いちご (ichi-go) but it does have its own kanji as well. Check this out and see how it compares to: 苺味 (the second kanji is aji that refers to flavour.) Pretty neat, eh?

Then yesterday, I discovered ほうじ茶 (houji-ocha, a brown Japanese tea) and tried it out on some of my students. They found it yummy and said it was reminiscent of the tea, but neither I nor my co-worker & taste-tester, Kiyo, could tell the difference.

Then last night on my way home from work, I popped into the supermarket, and there amongst the frozen ice cream treats was a KitKat Kone! It has a frozen wafer stick in the middle and is surrounded by creamy chocolate encaptured in a wafered-cone. Not particularly KitKatty, but it was delicious.

Most disappointedly, on the suggestion of the aforementioned Kiyo, I popped into a MacDonald's and tried a KitKat-flavoured McFlurry. It was like eating super-sweetened vanilla ice cream with crunchy chocolate chips. Not even a KitKat wrapping to make it worthy of a photo!

What could possibly be the next taste sensation? Stay tuned...つづく。。。


Mark said...

Your KitKat fetish worries me, son.

Mark said...

Your KitKat fetish worries me, son.


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