How Do You Like Them Apples?

I've been holding off on this announcement for a bit too long I fear. Tomorrow, I'm celebrating my Golden Birthday thanks to a dozen friends who've agreed to join me. I invited 5 dozen, but these are the only ones who replied positively. I did get another 2 dozen send regrets. I'll have to save them an Apple KitKat. BTW this particular KitKat flavour is a rather yummy concoction and the fine folks at Nestle will also be contributing a portion of the profits from these wafers to victims of Earthquakes.

We'll be hanging out from 7-9 at Liga, so if you're in the neighbourhood of 仙台市青葉区国分町2-2-15 助六ビル 2F,(022-266-6266) pop in and say, "Hi!" We'll have an all-you-can-drink for 2 hours, croon a bit of Karaoke and maybe I'll blow out a few candles if I have any breath left. DJ Mokugohan is making a special commemorative CD to be given out to guests who contribute to the "Michael Needs a New Camera" Fund. A worthy cause, I must humbly admit.

A second piss-up will commence at 9 where we'll trek over to Shaft for it's 9th Anniversary party and my pals can enjoy another all-you-can-drink for 2 hours. Alas, I have to work at a School Christmas Party early the next morning, so the all-I-can-drink will be minimal. Santa should make a hungover appearance to watch little rugrats pound the snot out of Xmassy piñatas that we've been making all week (while also testing the littluns knowledge of English. Busy, Busy, Busy!)

I'm already exhausted and the weekend has yet to begin. I hope to have enough energy left to attend Akari's event on Sunday at Enn, Truble! It should be a ton of fun regardless and here are a few further details on that gig (if you're too lazy to click the link.)

・The Woggles from USA
・The Black Light Junkys

*2008/12/7 (SUN)

*16:15 OPEN 16:30 START *TICKET ADV\2500 DOOR\3000
チョコレイツさんレコ発、 仙台のブラックライトジャンキーズもレコ発  


A super-domo arigato to Akari for helping to organize my birthday bash! Sure it's a few weeks early (No one is EVER available on Christmas Day for my real birthday and that includes my family!) but this should be the best birthday party I've had in 40 years! (Wait a sec, this is the only birthday party I've had in 40 years...)

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