I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Man, I wish I wasn't teaching that song to my students all last week, for my dream has come true! All of Canada will have a White Christmas for the first time in 37 years, though rumour has it that it'll rain on Xmas Day!

I left the sunny shores of Tokyo and landed in Vancouver a little late. We left for Toronto much later for after patiently awaiting to ensure all the little bodies were comfortably on board, we had to wait a little longer (2 more hours) for the plane to be de-iced so we could take off. Apparently we were the last plane to leave before shutting down the airport and I arrived to a snowy Toronto about 3 hours late.

As a tried & true Canadian, I have been well dressed for the cold (unlike my Japanese brethren back Sendai way) and have hiked out into the 50cms of the white fluffy stuff & -13 temps to trudge my way from my host's abode into the frozen tundra.

Yesterday I got a checkup from a doctor (for free! In your face Japanese Health System!) who told me that I have 2 weeks to live. He didn't really say that but it was hinted that I should change my wayward ways and eat more healthily. Like I needed to be told that. I did find it intriguing that the asthma meds I've been taking in Japan have been out of fashion in Canada for nigh on 15 years now! I plan to get some bloodwork done next week and he can send me the results in a language I understand a little better than Japanese.

Today, I trekked out to get a rental car and as usual, my 77-Bank VISA card is insufficient to cover the 500$ coverage on the wheels. My poor bro had to make the sojourn out to Mississauga to bail me out so I could get my (rather quite nice) car, just so I could drive back to Phil's for a nap. Now it's snowing again so I'll probably just cuddle up with a book & a tv show or maybe go see a nearby movie.

In the meantime, everyone back in Japan enjoy your day off to celebrate 天皇誕生日 (tenno tanjobi or the Emperor's Birthday) while we over this side of the pond will celebrate Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us. BUT much more importantly, it is little Kaede Hutton's 3rd birthday; so a big heads up to her and I hope her parents don't have as much difficulty arriving home as I did!

Coming soon...pictures of all this snow!

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