Big Brother Is Watching!

I was too lazy to post last night and now I don't have time, so here's a quick update on that anti-smoking campaign that Japan ran a while ago. I just realised that it has nothing to do with not smoking, but rather smoking clean as this history of tobacco proclaims. Or this Art Gallery shows.

They've started putting up these green reminders of the dangers of smoking again (not anything to do with your health, but rather the annoyance the smoke causes or the the pyrotechnics of the habit.) Some of the smoking ones are displayed on the trains now but they are prominently displayed in the "Smoking Sections" in front of the station where our addicts are encouraged to indulge, rather than inflict their fumes on passersby. Note on my previous post on this that the examples that I scammed from their official site were taken down so I've been forced to take a few photos myself:

What is more interesting now is they're beginning to harp on about public manners while riding the train or walking that has nothing to do with smoking. I particularly like the one about the person texting while walking. Now if they could only do something about bicycle riders who text!

If I see any more cool ones, I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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