It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Christmas Party.

Just a quickie reminder that Echophonyk is tonight with a special guest DJ all the way from Tokyo, Mark Saito, making his triumphant return to these hallowed halls. You can always check out his tunes on his very own Podcast!

Email your name to the guestlist and acquire an extra drink & a complimentary exclusive Echo cd! If you can't make it out tonight, you can always listen to the Podcast to satisfy your musical whims.

Furthermore, our friendly neighbourhood (if your neighbourhood is Tagajo, that is) Dolphin Nail Artists will be out in Sexy Santa Suits to paint our pinkies. Santa himself will make a guest appearance and have his cold cuticles cared for.

While I was in Tagajo chatting up Akemi & her staff, I popped over to Mariko's new restaurant and snapped some pics of the congratulatory flower arrangements that are all the rage among welcoming businesses. Here are a few for your perusal.

See You There!



stella said...

i just found your blog randomly looking at pictures on google haha! I've been interested in English teaching jobs for a couple years (it seems really amazing), and was just wondering how it was moving to japan at first. Did you learn Japanese before you went?

Michael Jones said...

I didn't learn any Japanese before coming here and have learned very little since. If you ever do plan to come to Japan, contact me. I may have a few ideas for you...

stella said...

thank you! that would be wonderful :)


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