Kapturing KitKat.

The only new flavour of late is an old favourite, repackaged to appeal to the struggling student seeking admittance to University. ใ„ใกใ” (ichigo or strawberry) is a pungent smelling wafer easily reminiscent of its namesake.

I just happened across a pageful of wafers, some of which I've tried and others which have proven more elusive. Giant Grape flavour is the one I really want to taste.

The quest continues...

I plan to take a few samples of my KitKatian wares home to inflict upon my friends & family, I hope they enjoy them as much as I have writing about them.

In addition to those goodies, I'll be having another birthday party amongst my Ontario pals on the 27th, so in addition to DJ Mokugohan's 50 Years of Michael Jones, they'll be getting some other goodies in their party bags. Such as this chocolate celebrating the 50th anniversary of weekly Shonen Sunday Magazine.

Another goodie along the same lines are these marshmallow treats featuring "It's a Rumic World", a hot babe in a bikini with a mini-merman swimming around.

In a slightly different vein are these Grape, Cola or Soda flavoured gum showcasing Felix the Cat in some fairly recent roles as Rapper, Skateboarder or DJ!

Finally, everyone will get some of these sprinkles. You're supposed to add them to spice up your rice, but I use these Ume (sour plum)-based "Shake 'n Bake" style to zing up my chicken!

I still have 3 more days before I'm Toronto bound, so who knows what other goodies may arise!

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