Death Takes A Holiday.

Just a quick Note before I go to bed. Here are a few (3 out of 8) Death Note phone straps with an odd assortment of doodads. You can buy these at the 99¥ shop (a penny cheaper than the 100¥ shops and a heckuva lot cheaper than that link!) near the cash register and the pyramidic package contains a Note Pad with:

a comfy chair,

some bones,

a freaky doll,

or 5 other wacky items. I don't really need to get a complete set, for the ones I have are suitably odd enough for me to cherish.

I haven't gone UFO Catching for ages (lack of funds and really crappy machines-the days of winning every time are gone forever!), but I couldn't resist these Disney icons. Surprisingly, they aren't bootlegs but are actual Disney-approved items featuring a vampiric Donald & a zonked out Mickey! Shades of Rat Fink!

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