Drumming On My Belly!

For some reason, rotund people with a beer belly tend to become victims of a tummy drumming. I don't know why it is but children and women love to touch my gut. I think it has something to do with this:

証城寺の狸ばやし (Tanuki Raccoons' Night Spree at Shojoji Temple) is an old folk tune about the Tanuki (sort of a raccoon-dog) that comes out at dusk and drums upon its belly at Shojoji Temple with the resident priest.

Here is Eartha Kitt (Frick'n Catwoman!!) singing the above tune on an old 78 lp! Click on the pic & sing along...

Btw, I found this song in this book, I may go back to it for other tunes from time to time.

Curiously the Tanuki, in these videos don't drum at all! When my brother visited, he bought a ceramic one for his bar for good luck. I'm not sure if it has the huge nads that they're famous for. If you're interested in the titanic testicles of the tanuki, you'd be wise to watch this:

In order to reduce my girth, I may start drinking Pepsi White with the great taste of Pepsi & Yogurt flavour. Only one problem with that plan, it tastes vile!

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