Bourbon Street.

I just discovered that there is a New Orlean's style restaurant in Rappongi named Bourbon Street. I've been to the real Bourbon St. twice and if this place does Po'Boys, then I'm there.

Speaking of Bourbon, that happens to be the name of a confectionary company in Japan that also makes Choco-Wafers. These yummy crunchy cookies often happen to come with a trading card or stickers from tie-in movies, for example, MIIB. I recently rewatched both movies and am impressed how well they retain their rewatchability.

Another movie that doesn't quite retain its rewatchability (or for some its initial watchability) is DareDevil. One does have to appreciate the amount of crap that came out for its release though, including stickers and keychains.

There was an awful lot of Spidermania in Japan in the early part of this millenium and doubles of these stickers currently adorn my desk and computer.

Another stickery movie was X2. I ate a lot of cookies and I still don't think I got all the stickers.

When LotR first came out, I saw it in Korea so I missed out on some of the Japanese paraphernalia. I did, however get most of the stickers.

Finally, here are some miscellaneous stickers that may or may not be Bourbon...

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