Still Yet Another KitKat Post.

First up, a Happy Family Day to those in Ontario with families. For all my single pals, just enjoy your day off!

So here's yet another KitKat post about posting KitKats. Click that to see what Japan Post and Nestle did last time to lure Kitkatophiliacs like me to buy overpriced KKs and stamps.

This time, they are offering up a mini-達磨
(Daruma) for you to make a wish. You can get a random pink, yellow or red one. All of them represent good luck but the pink also refers to "kindness, gentleness & strength", with the red you can acquire "vitality, passion and inner-strength" and with the yellow you are "hopeful, cheerful and a forward thinker". (I had to peek, I got a pink one, please don't tell the recipient of this box.)

When I cracked it open, you can find 3 mini-wafers, the Daruma and some cardboard. Remove the cardboard and you can stuff in 2 or 3 other flavoured KitKats of which I have saved several in the fridge.

I happened to pass a UFO Catch facility and though I rarely play any longer, I saw an item I couldn't pass up. It took me 3 tries (300 total) and I won 2 KitKat bars and a metre-long scarf! They claim to be a new flavour with サクッサクUP which basically means that they are crispier or crunchier than before. We'll see.

Good news, according to the above YouTube, KitKat has stopped destroying rainforests for the palm oil, so spreading the word has helped. Now I can eat KitKats again without feeling guilty (though truth to tell, I never really stopped.)

Finally, remember a while back, I spoke of Rummy, the chocolate of choice for our homeless friends. I saw it on sale today, paired up with its drinking buddy, Bacchus. Since these are laced with 7% booze, I'll wait until the weekend to consume/imbibe. Hmm, I wonder if there is another bar-Alky?

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