The Obligatory Valentine's Post.

This is the time of year when I make my annual "Happy Anniversary of the St. Valentine's Massacre" joke (82nd this year.)

It also happens to be the 30th anniversary of my father's death. (He passed away around 1:00am on the 14th so we covertly state his passing on the 13th.)

Once again, I have no lover with whom to share this holiday but am I upset about that? Not really, I may be alone, but I'm not overly lonely.

I had my 3 adult classes today and only the first group bothered to give me a gift. I'm not surprised but a little disappointed because I usually make my annual "I got so much giri-choco that it gives me geri"* joke. So by only receiving some macaroons, I can't earnestly make that gag. (I did get to use my favourite Valentine's anecdote about apples and choosing a mate that I recounted here.)
*義理=giri=obligation; 下痢=geri=diarrhea

At lunchtime, I walked for an hour to go visit my pal Yuki who has managed to break her right leg this time by slipping on the ice. Not quite as dramatic as falling off a skateboard but still pretty painful. Since she had lots of free time, she's the perfect person to perfect my resume.

I arrived home just in time to see Worf & Jasdia get married and then CN ran Curious George in English! I found it to be truly charming, Will Ferrell wasn't as smug as usual and it had some of the best songs since Randy Newman. I saw the finale of the mini-series JEKYLL and if that show isn't all about Love, I dunno what is!

All in all, I expected to be a tad cynical today about the whole rigamarole but certainly not as nasty as how one friend put it on FB,
"BTW if you are in Love or a relationship, I'd just like to say on this valentines day, I wish you...
...Would %$#% off and stop shoving your happiness in my face every year just cause some Roman priest was executed for marrying people a long time ago. Seriously! Go %$#% yourselves, you smug "Complete" %$#%s!!!!!"
Here's a candy heart for you.

So I fully planned to be on the sardonic side with this post but how can I when amongst my junk mail I found this!
"For someone special...There's a certain kind of romance we cannot experience in youth. Some love takes years to understand--Kobe Morozoff." From my gal-pal Michiko, it included 3 choco-hearts and a choco-coin. What a sweetie!

Finally, just after WWII, the goverment gave the public a notice on the proper way to hold hands in public...
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Ps. Thanks to follower Erick who pointed out the Lost Valentines.

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