Boogie Down Groundhog.

I've been in full-on Groundhog Day teaching mode for the last week, enlightening the masses on our prognosticating prairie dog. Apparently Ontario is due for one heck of a blizzard and (Spoiler Alert) Wiarton Willie and his brethren were not shadow-spooked this year.
Following my Candlemas tradition of adding a new Rodent tongue-twister to my repetoire here is this year's:

"How many squash could a squeamish squirrel squish if a squeamish squirrel could squish squash?"

For those too lazy to click the above link, here are a few more:
"How much ground could a groundhog grind if a groundhog could grind ground?"
"How Much Mud Must a Marmot Muck if a Marmot Must Muck Mud?"
"How many meerkats can a mere cat mate if a mere cat could mate meerkats?"
"How many capes could a capybara bear, if a capybara could bear capes?"

While looking for a GD link without resorting to the Bill Murray classic, I came across this tune which I would love someone to convert it from Phil to Willie for my Canadian compatriots.

I forgot to include a page from my Godzilla Calendar, so here is February's installment with a closeup of today, バラン or Varan the Unbelievable! If you look closely, he resembles a Flying Squirrel, rather appropriate today, don't you think?

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