Child Of Dreams.

Brousing through the stacks at a Used Book store is usually a fruitless enterprise, not knowing exactly what one is seeking but occasionally a book just leaps out at you. Batman Child of Dreams is one such book that claims 360 pages for 500¥ that I landed for a smooth buck. I like author Kia Asamiya's style and he manages to squeeze in TwoFace, Penguin, Riddler, Joker and Catwoman into one volume. Batman lands in Tokyo chasing after a wacky drug that gives you one heck of a dream for one night but then drains your life force. Succubus Sucks, dude.
Here are some highlights of the book, featuring some nice splash pages of Bats or the villains. What gets me is that there always seems to be a full moon.

Finally, anyone recognize this scene?

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