It's A Thriller.

What would you get if Charles Addams characters decided to go to Eerie, Indiana and open up a restaurant? It'd probably be similar to 怪談レストラン = Kaidan Resutoran), a best selling series of Japanese children books that take the form of horror anthologies, edited by Miyoko Matsutani and illustrated by Yoshikazu Takai and Kumiko Katō. In 2009, it was adapted into a (TV Anime series and last summer became a live-action movie. I have never seen either, but just based on this book (of which you'll get to see the illustrations), it is something I'd like to see.

Heck, I'd love to go to any restaurant that had the Ghastly Garçon (おばけギャルソン, Obake no Garuson) as maître d'.

I don't have many goods from the series, but I did get this bubble-gum card, button and mini-figure last summer.

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ExactaCrafts said...

I LOVE Kaidan Restaurant! I have seen the anime-own the DVDS-and have seen the movie. I recently bought my first book, which is the volume with the shadow man, volume 44. I don't read or speak very good Japanese, so I am trying to find a translator to translate it, however the pictures are adorable! I love Garcon, the little ghostie, he's so adorable! Thank you for posting these pictures, I want to buy more of the books!


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