Gaga Over Gaga.

I went for a walkabout today along the riverside in Tagajo. It was a lovely day so I grabbed some tempura for lunch and some cheap bread to feed my avian friends. Along the way, I saw a paddling of アヒル (ahiru=ducks), a wedge of 49 白鳥 (hakuchou=swans, a flock of 鴎 (kamome=seagulls), a kit of 鳩 (hato=pigeons), a watch of 鶯 (uguisu=Japanese nightingales), a kettle of 鳶 (tobi=kites) and various unidentifiable 鳥 (tori=birds).

So the title of this post has little to do with Lady Gaga of whom I know nuthin' about though I did see a Glee episode devoted to her. The onomatopoeia sound of duck's quacking happens to be ガァガァ (GaaGaa)
So after you watch this, there is a flock of photos of fowl and other scenery.

I hope these pics make up for my maltreatment of Tweety yesterday!

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Anonymous said...

Nice avian friends. Do you have any AV friends? Hopefully not with VD.
Sorry, that joke was a little fowl.



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