Happy Pancake Day!

Today is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday. When I was a youth, oh so many years ago, we would head to Christ Church on Shrove Tuesday (ざんげ・懺悔の火曜日 = zange no kayobi= Penance Day or the day before Ash Wednesday) and be served free pancakes by the males of the Parish. These days, my church-going ways are rather infrequent (read: nonexistent), but I will try and find some ホットケーキ (hotto-caki = hotcakes) for lunch today.

In Newfoundland, they bake objects with symbolic value into the pancakes. They add things to their pancakes such as coins, pieces of string, nails, wedding rings, buttons... all cleaned I hope. The lucky one to find coins in their pancake will be rich, the finder of the ring will be the first married, the finder of the nail will become a carpenter and the finder of the thimble will be a seamstress or tailor. I certainly hope they have a nurse on duty who knows the Heimlich manoeuver for the more gluttonous observers. Everyone there looks forward to Pancake Day. Pancakes are served with syrup, partridgeberry jam and sausages.


Anonymous said...

I found a used condom in mine; what does that signify?
Thanks for posting those Kaede picks, just hope there are no infant fetishist out the in cyberspace going ga-ga over her. On the Internet!? No waaaay!
B.T.W. Have you noticed that I can post comments now?

Michael Jones said...

Mmmm. Rubbery pancakes


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