The Family Jewels.

I thought I'd finish up my retrospective of accessories with my mother's rings. When she was hospitalized with a semi-paralysing stroke (over 14 years ago now!), she entered the local hospital and stayed in a convalescent wing for a decade. When that hellhole* closed down, we moved her to a much nicer home in Toronto and she seems to be much better off.

(*Paramedics upon arrival to an accident scene made the decision to take her to another hospital further away if they had a pretty good chance of recovery. If they were destined for the Choir Invisible, they were sent to PMH. In a rather striking coincidence, upon arrival at the hospital, my mom's wedding ring somehow disappeared! During her stay, we'd lost count of the amount of roommates she'd had.)

A few years back, we the family decided to sell her home and split up the cash amongst her four kiddies to be distributed upon her death. Her other assets were split up democratically by us with the others getting her larger items and I got her fine china and much of her jewelry. Here are her rings and a few chains, some gold I gave her and a lovely cameo. The 3 glass figures were given to her by me and the cufflinks are mine.

Enjoy the Ringu 2!

We shall return to silliness on the morrow.

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