Oz & Ends.

I still haven't repaired or replaced my camera, so until I can figure out how to download pics from my new cell phone without emailing the pictures to myself, my posts will have to be photo-free.
(Whoa! Aftershock!)
Back to my irregularly scheduled post.
Lots of folks (such as Bully, be sure to see what happens when the Superfriends go to Oz! Man, I wish had that issue of Tales from the Wizard of Oz) have been saying something about Frank Lyman Baum's 155th birthday, so I might as well add my two yen worth.

Alas with no photos and for some reason YouTube won't let me embed anything, I'll just have to give you several links to

First up is a cutesy Ozu Musicalfeaturing several kids 'n adults singing and dancing up a storm.

I'd be remiss if I didn't include One Short Day from ウィキッド, which I still haven't seen!

They sure didn't spend much on sets for this panto-version of Ozu.

Damn, these kids are kawaiiii!

My favourite Japanese version has to be Kitty in Oz that I had the privilege of witnessing first-hand in January 2010. Here Kitty boogies with some Munchkins as well as Scarecrow, Tinman & Lion.

If you link at the above post, you'll see several shots of that musical, but here are a few that I didn't add last time.

Have a balmy Baum-day!

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