There's Always Next Year.

Anyone who has seen the Disaster movie 2012 can attest, that though we may not have been raptured yesterday, we can still hold some hope for next year.

Besides, I can't go meet our maker without having eaten a couple of new KitKats. I picked up this double whammy of デザートアソート (Desert Assort) with ティラミズ(Teramisu) カスタードプリン (Custard Pudding) last week and found ずんだ (Zunda) today. The Custard is kind of bland, but I could chow down on a Teramisu any hour of the day. I know Zunda is a rerun but it's been repackaged again and this time it looks like a dime goes towards relief efforts.

I met up with my Japanese coach today and presented her with a present of a nifty pair of 鶴のイヤリング (Crane earrings) but she, like every single one of my friends here, has never had her ears pierced! (Heck, my niece had hers pierced at the age of 6 months!) She chose a nice pair though and will make a broach out of them. Surely, I'll find someone to give these others to, any takers? I have two pair of gold and a cute pair of silver ones that includes a chick.

Hopefully someone will claim them before Ragnarok.

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