The Watch, The Chinese Watch.

I have a lot going on right now, so here's a quick post in my series of lighters, jewelry, etc. that's kicking around in my home.

One may wonder where the heck I got all these watches (and why) and many moons ago when I'd drop tons of money into the UFO Catcher machines, there was this game with a swivelling arm. Hordes of toys and goodies would rotate round 'n round and you'd push a button and this mechanical arm would try and scoop the desired item into a slot. The goal was a coloured glass full of marbles and if you snagged it, you could get your choice of loot. I'd get 6 tries for 500¥ and probably picked it 3/10 times. Inevitably though, I'd get lots & lots & lots of other stuff too, such as the watches you'll see today. Of course this was over 8 years ago and the batteries have died in them all, but a quick replacement and you'll be keeping time with the best of them.

I personally rarely ever wear a watch (got my cell phone for the time) so all of these are up for grabs. I'd be happy to send one to you, but be patient, it takes me a long time to make good on my promises (besides, I'm broke right now and can't afford the postage.) BUT rest assured, I will send you the timepiece of your desires if you just ask. (You'll have to get your own battery, but still...a free watch!)

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The Frog Queen said...

Nice watch collection....and a monty python skit!! Awesome!



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