Practical Otakucal.

Since I've been sifting through my heaps of stuff trying to pare it down to a manageable level, I have to decide what to keep and what to give away/sell. Thus I've decided that if I plan to keep some of these items, I need to put them to a practical use.

Therefore my new X-ray cell phone rests beside my desk in its Ultra-Stand.

My current mouse is giving me a bit of problem, it keeps wavering and drifting instead of pointing where I want it to. (I do know it probably just needs to be cleaned.) Yet in order to spiff up my desk, I think I'll switch to a Gachapin mouse and see if that helps.

Finally, I have two Ultraman-Cup Holders and if I can figure out how to attach one to my bicycle, I'll never go thirsty again!

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