With This Ring.

Father Mike made his triumphant return to the Chapel and successfully wed a couple without mixing up names or handing the groom the wrong ring! Hopefully this will be the trend now for I have 5 more nuptials planned in June.

As of July, I'll be unable to attend any ceremonies on Sundays because I begin a new job next week from Sunday to Thursday. That's right, I have actually landed a f/t job in my hometown of Sendai and I'll be teaching adults so no more diseases will be caught from those snot-nosed rugrats. More details as I get into the thick of it, but for now, I'm a happy camper.

Kudoes to all the Carl Cronies who put up with me for the last three years. Now I have a brand new audience for my oyaji gaggu! Furthermore, thanks to the ladies at Carl's for the cookies!

Looking back to this post's title, here are some of the rings I have amassed in my UFO Catching. Once again, several have been given out to friends and sometimes complete strangers.

I have my only free night for a long while, so I'm going to watch リング. Thanks to the YouTubers I can watch the whole thing with subtitles for the very first time. I saw it years ago in Japanese only and it freaked me out then, I'm expecting similar results tonight. Do me a favour, don't phone me in two hours!)

Lastly, check out Ringu-neko!

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