GoGatsu Byou.

The above refers to a common malaise that afflicts people after Golden Week. 五月秒, literally 5th month sickness, is a depression one feels after a long holiday realizing that you're back to the same old drudgery.

It's been 2 months since my world was turned upside-down and though I don't actually feel all that melancholy (baby), I just haven't felt like writing about the quirky parts of Japan and showcasing my vast collection of Otaku-Nerdity. During GW, I started packing away some of my toys, some for the purpose of donating to shelters, others to be junked (though I still haven't thrown any away yet) and others to be boxed up until moving day, whenever and whereever that might be.

I didn't get a certain job I was hoping for because the Board of Education of the new place checked with the BoE of the old place and they claim that the old place plans to hire me back and thus the new place doesn't want to hire me. I certainly do wish that the old place would inform me of this plan and maybe pick up a phone! Perhaps they have other things on their minds like cleaning the sludge out of one of the devastated schools while tripling up the students in its neighbouring schools.

I saw some herons poking around in the rice fields for frogs & bugs and that cheered me up until I looked out the other window of the train and saw huge mountains of garbage. On the other hand, Sendai Station seems as though it's back to business as usual with the second floor now completely refurbished yet the exterior is still covered with an ugly canvas.

All in all, the last two months have been interesting to say the least and I sure hope things pick up for me personally so I can get back to yattering on about the goofy quirky crap I've acquired over the years! (It doesn't help that my camera seems to have permanently conked so I can't even photograph all my junk!)

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