What's Blogworthy These Days?

I apologize if I haven't been spouting off my words and wisdom and blurry photos of late, but I just haven't been in the mood. It's the middle of Golden Week (a stretch of holidays) and I'm just sitting at home fiddling on my computer and occasionally tidying up but I'm just not in feeling peppy enough to blurb.
Let me show you a little tweet from one of my Facebook pals and that pretty much sums up my feelings...
"Royal weddings, dead terrorist and majority elections? Today we went by the airport; An overturned semi and hills of mud-caked wreckage where a park used to be, house after house, sub-division after sub-division torn apart and scattered by the sea, burnt out industrial complexes and rice fields strewn with pulverized cars and a bowling alley used to store the dead. Sorry to rain on the parades."
Not cheery stuff to say the least.
But I gotta get out of this funk somehow (a guaranteed job next week would be a good start.)
Sooo, here are some of the good times I've had of late interspersed with Wave One of a bunch of toys that I'm gathering up to donate to a worthy orphanage or shelter.

Once I get rid of some of these toys, I'm sure I'll get out of my funk and start getting funky!

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