Dragon Dance!

Conducted a wedding today with a cocky groom who often giggled throughout the ceremony. It was difficult for me to keep a straight face as well. Afterwards, they tossed a mascot from Sendai's teams into the masses. (An odd variation on the garter belt.) 89ers have a lion, Rakuten Golden Eagles appropriately have an eagle and the soccer team, Vegalta has a character that none of us could quite fathom. Apparently it is also an eagle for some reason. Does anyone know why?

Anyway, after the wedding, I wandered to the main drag, Kris Road, to check out its wares. I came across an odd sight, Naruto greeting passersby.

From a distance I heard the beating of drums so I hightailed it there to witness a Dancing Dragon. Accompanied by Taiko Drummers, the Dragon boogied to the beat, pausing occasionally to eat an onlookers head! Pretting gripping stuff!

Of course I popped into a UFO Catch centre or two and didn't find much of interest though it appears that I have landed three more ornaments for my Christmas tree this year!

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