Everyone Into the Pool.

The Deadpool, that is. Though I saw it in Canada when it first opened, I've waited until its Japanese release to comment upon it. It's a very fun, violent, funny, violent, sexy, violent, exciting, violent movie. Did I mention that there was a little violence in it? As a result, it is rated R+15 here in Japan, which I assume those under 15 are Restricted. That's a tad more restricting than in North America and over here it's probably due to the naughty bits shown during the gratuitous cameo scene. Because it was just released today, I will avoid spoilers for my Nihon-brethren. If you don't mind a lot of violins, violence and some sporadic nudity and lots of nsfw dialogue, I recommend you go see it.

Biggest disappointment? The extreme lack of goods available. NO CLEAR FILES! This is unheard of! A couple of note pads and a few key chain accessories but that's it!!

I picked up a sticker for my new iPhone and a towel, but otherwise slim pickings.

This is the flyer that one can pick up at the cinema. The coy pose of Deadpool slays me.

Scamming from the Deadpool Facebook page, here are several photos and videos leading up to its premiere here.

Advanced tickets anyone?

Now 18? Now you can vote. (Note to Ryan, you don't have to be 18 here in Japan. 15 is the cutoff age.)

A spoiler-heavy almost three minute trailer. (ps. The two X-men featured above were excellent.)

For the ladies. (By the way Ryan, June 1st is not just Lady's Day, it's a cheap day for everyone.)

What I like about some of the promos are them playing up the romantic angle.

I'm sad that this item wasn't available locally, only 60,000 available at a cinema in Tokyo. Dang.

Deadpool rappers.

 I'd like to check out this cafe.

I hope this truck comes to Sendai!

Awesome randomness.

Bedtime for me. I'll try and dig up a few more goodies at other cinemas. I hope I'm successful.

ps. I have a challenge to all those who see a subtitled version of the movie. (Slight spoiler alert.) When Francis is asking Deadpool about his name, Wade makes several suggestions. What is the Katakana subtitled name used when he guesses Basil Fawlty?

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