Okay, it's not the best pun to use for an R2-D2 Laundry hamper, but it'll have to do. I was drowsy on my drive home today so I stopped into Mandai to get my second wind. When I saw this I knew I had to acquire it. It took me many (many, many) tries to win but I did eventually land it.

Speaking of R2 units, a recent Gatcha-Capsule gadget are these Pullback Droids. I have two but I'm not overly impressed with them so I shan't get any more.

I shall be utilizing these Droid magnets in a board game next week. 

Or maybe this Hologram R2-D2.

Or perhaps these two holograms.

How about one of these?

Boba Fett is cool but that Emperor will freak the kiddies out.

I'm fairly certain Yoda will be chosen, but probably not Greedo.

I've shown this before, but now seems to be a good time to show my BB-8 floor mat.

I landed these two Trooper-Pops last week for only 3 bucks a pop!

And finally, I found this guy for a mere 2$ as opposed to the 3$ it usually costs. Sweet!

To be continued with more SW swag as I find it...

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