I can truly say that my current occupation as an Elementary School Teacher in a small town with about 1000 students is one of the better jobs I've had in many years.

I want to talk about a different occupation today though. Remember that time when The Martians took over the Earth? That era really sucked. Here are the cards commemorating that time.

The binder I also received!

This is what the reverse of the cards look like.

I received the above set as part of a Kickstarter campaign.

For an extra five bucks, I ordered a "Hot Pack" and it included an Allstar sketch by Jason Crosby,(upper right) a signed sketch card by Brian DeGuire and a Metallic parallel of Card #43.

 Here's a closeup of the DeGuire sketch.

There were a few added bonuses as well, such as this Wacky Attacky Package.

On the reverse is a puzzle.

I intended on ordering a Judge Dredd/ Mars Attacks crossover pack but unintentionally ordered two of the above sets instead. I got a few bonuses with the pack.

Much more to my liking is this Dinosaurs Attacks/ Mars Attacks crossover. I wish I'd ordered a few more of these.

I landed a sketch card by Russ Maheras.

Another bonus I didn't expect was this Actual Printing Plate of Card #31!

Also a few Promo cards. (If you look at the Lower left hand corner card, it shows a preview of "The Armageddon Directive", a new novella by Dayton Ward. I also received a download of this book!)

And a Preview card of the forthcoming Dice Game.

Coolest of all and most unexpected was a poster sized signed print of this drawing by Bob Larkin!!

Not a bad haul for just over 100 bucks!

I hope this series gets the same treatment shown to the original cards series as in this video.


Erick said...

Wow! Those look great. I kinda wish I would have ordered them. But, I hardly ever buy things online.

Michael Jones said...

I was hesitant to back this Kickstarter. I'm glad I did, the result was great.


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