Latest Eggstravaganza.

Those eggcellent folks at Furuta have come up with Series 7 of Disney Choco-eggs and this time they're capitalizing on the success of Zootopia. Much to my surprise, they are only featuring  ニック ワイルド (Nick Wild) from that movie. I suppose they'll introduce other characters in future series.

This is what the box looks like if you want to keep an eye out for it. 2 years ago, these were only 150 yen but the price has now jumped to 180 yen before tax. The price of chocolate has gone up, I guess.

(If you want a look at a previous series, take a look at this. WARNING, the gal's voice is extremely annoying!)

The first egg I bought was Minnie above. I was fortunate enough to get two of them with the first two eggs purchased. Did that sour me to continue shopping? I think you know the answer to that.

Next, I landed a Sleeping Beauty variant. The one in the index has Princess Aurora with her eyes closed. This version must be just after her snog from Prince Phillip.

Today I landed the secret! Woohoo! It's Oswald. I wish it were actually molded in Black and White, but this version looks pretty cool.

Looking over the lineup here, I could survive without getting any others, although it would be nice to get a Mickey to match Minnie. And Hughie, Dewey and Louie! I can't forgo that. I could probably do without Rapunzel, yet then it would give Aurora someone to hang around with. Oooh, Alladin's Genie! I simply must get that as a tribute to Robin Williams. I always liked Captain Hook and can Tinkerbell be far behind? Those Tsum Tsums are pretty nice too. Cruella, Alice and the Cheshire Cat (just in time for the new movie) and of course Olaf!
Okay, maybe I will buy a few more eggs...

I happened to feature a few Disney characters as special guests in my lesson today. I had all the kids come up in pairs to practice the old "How are you? I'm Hungry. And you? I'm sleepy" routine. I usually only get a handful of volunteers but when you throw in some hand-puppets, everyone wanted a crack at it.

I wish I had a hand-puppet of Godzilla, instead kids had to just grasp him by the tail.

Hey cool, Godzilla is cosplaying Buzz!

I'll update this with future egg contents when appropriate.

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