Eggstra, Eggstra!

Just a quick update to a previous post about Furuta Choco-eggs. My most recent haul includes Captain Hook and Tinkerbell.

In honour of the late Robin Williams, I am so glad I landed the Genie.

Three out of four of the Tsum Tsums, missing only Alice, (and a variant Olaf with eyes open.) I luv the Cruella.

I previously only had Aurora with eyes open but today a friend gave me an open-eyed Sleeping Beauty.

Since there was no Malificent in this series, I have to settle with The Evil Queen from Snow White which I procured at a Second-hand shop.

Rapunzel before and after she dons her wig. What a phony! Pascal the chameleon is pretty cool though.

Now I only need Mickey and Huey, Dewey and Louis to complete this set.

Speaking of Disney characters, my most recent couple that I wed had a Little Mermaid theme. The ring pillow was a pair of shells and there was Ariel paraphernalia abound.

In non-Disney related news, I popped into 109 Cinema and look who started chasing me!

Did I escape intact? Stay tuned, same Godzilla time, same Godzilla station!

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