Sunday was a Thai festival in which many people Thai-ed one on.

Not me though, I only had one Singha beer to go with lunch. I found the food to be tasty though rather bland.

(A disturbing aside. After the fest, I went home and crashed for five hours and didn't eat until lunch the next day. Today, I had tummy troubles all day. Perhaps, Thai food is not for me.)

Cool veggie carving.

Stinky Durian. A friend gave me a bite and I didn't really like it. I mixed it with Earl Gray Tea and it was much more delicious. I was so thirsty I had a Pitcher of Durian Gray!*
*Kudos to Alex for the pun.

One vendor had these very nifty metal models of our favourite characters. 

 A tad pricey though.

The Predator was only 100 bucks yet the Yoda would set you back 350!

Not much else happening at the fest so I wandered around downtown and popped into Loft.
Woohoo! I managed to show up in time for the end of the Ultraman World tour. Lots and lots of overpriced goodies for sale!

Such as... notepads and masking tapes*,

 pins and stickers,
 hand towels*,
 ties and cologne,
 and mini-plates.

I bought one of the hand towels designed by Shinzi Katoh

two of the masking tapes with which I got a free sticker with my purchase.

This very cool bag came with...

the two bottles of Sake that I purchased.

I like how the Kaiju play a part in the production of the rice wine as shown on the box.

I have a friend whose birthday is forthcoming. This will be a nice gift.

Finally, here is a giant plush Ultraman that I snagged at UFO Catcher the other day. He'll be hanging from my ceiling!

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