The Countdown Begins...

As I have for the last few years (except last year when I had my gall bladder ripped out), I hope to post something every day in October while my fellow bloggers and I Countdown to Halloween.

Until I run out of Ghostbusters stuff to post, I'll show off a little piece of GB paraphernalia that I've acquired over the years (and recent weeks). Such as this (ステイパフ) Stay Puft Man that I won as a #1 kuji prize at the cinema when I saw the new movie.

In addition, I hope to showcase a movie pamphlet. Today's entry is the recently acquired Zombieland.

Today's snack (whenever possible, I'll do a taste test but if too expensive, a photo shall suffice). These were crunchy and yummy enough to rate 8/10 ghosts.

Today's movie is not at all scary (unless you find French guys with chelonaphilia* scary). A friend and I saw Red Turtle (レッドタートル or La Tortue Rouge). I will see scarier movies in the future but I won't have time to see another tonight. Beautiful looking movie though a tad on the dull side. I don't know if subtitles will be present in other countries yet Japan reiterates what can be seen onscreen, "The birds are flying North. The birds are flying North. A man is coughing." Perhaps these subtitles are intended for the hearing impaired but they are a bit of a distraction for a movie without any dialogue.
(*chelonaphobia is the fear of turtles so I reckon chelonaphilia is the love of turtles)

Here are a pair of clear files from that Cannes award winning movie. For a Ghibli movie, it wasn't very well attended. Maybe that's because 95% of the artists involved were not Japanese or it could be the utter complete lack of promotion for this movie!

Also I'd like to introduce you to one of my fellow bloggists who are participating in the Countdown. Today is John Rozum, the man responsible for maintaining the Countdown. He wrote a few episodes of X-Files and the comics Xombi and Kobalt back in the day and is a pretty cool artist as well.

Click the little button on my blog page to see all of the participants or to make it easier, there's a direct link at the very top of this page.

 Finally my shameful selfie is of my wearing a newly gained mask. Alas, perhaps the beard doesn't help.

More Halloweenish goodies tomorrow (and goldarnit, my computer was being tempermental and I missed posting this before midnight by 20 minutes.)

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