Bagged Another One.

It was my first day of the new school year and it felt good to return like a celebrity sensei. En route home, I popped into Aeon Mall in Natori just to see if there were any movies worth seeing or loot to purchase (there wasn't). I wandered into the bookstore there and lo and behold if there wasn't a new Shin-Godzilla tote bag to be bought. So I did.

In addition to the bag is an informative magazine with several pics from the flick, now on BluRay.

There's about ten pages of interviews and another ten pages of these map grids. Could they represent where Godzilla has trodden? I suspect so.

This nerdy looking guy is either a big fan or the designer of the S.H. Monster Arts figure. He does seem to be enjoying himself.

And of course the goods...

If someone were to decide to buy me a present, I would not turn down this deck of cards.

Above and below are the recent Gacha-capsule figures. You can read about them here and  here.

Furthermore, there is a shout out to the forthcoming anime. I'm looking forward to this.

So how about the bag itself? Here it is all folded up including a Shin-Godzilla reflector charm.

And the bag itself? It's sturdily made and bigger than the last bag I bought, but ultimately, it is incredibly disappointing. Perhaps if it had a picture of Gojira somewhere upon it, or at least its footprints traipsing around.

All in all, I do believe I wasted my 2000 yen by buying this. Ah well, it'll be a conversation piece at school when I haul my books around.

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