Grab Bags.

I'm not referring to a Michael Jackson dance move but rather plastic-wrapped bundles of mystery. I bought this bag at Mandai in Natori last week for only 300 yen.

As you may be able to see, it is stuffed full of Star Warsian goodness as well as a hodgepodge of other treats. Such as...

A half dozen Star Wars Pepsi Bottle Caps. I have the entire set yet perhaps one of these will fill in some gaps for a second set. They usually sell for 50-200¥ each.

14 Panson Works Episode 1 mini-key chain links that originally came with a bottle of Pepsi. There are several doubles and I already have this set as well. I've seen them sell at 50-100¥each.

A Bearbrick Jar Jar. Again, I have this set as well and I can pretty much guarantee that I don't have a double of this one. (100¥)

A mini-Yoda notepad. These were Gatcha-capsule prizes (300¥) last year and I've seen them sell for about a buck.

I already have a full set of the Star Trek badges and it cost me a fortune to acquire them. About 200¥I think and I almost bought those two pewter Generations characters when I first saw them at Mandai for 2 bucks a piece. I'm glad I waited.

A pair of Marvel Disc Wars discs. I probably have these as well thanks to them being on sale at Toys Am Us. (50-100¥each)

Two PotA Yoyos and three Thade pencil caps from the Tim Burton "classic". Once again, I already have these though they'll make dandy gifts for friends. (50¥)

Three sets of biohazard badges. Yay, something I don't own and now I have three of them. Let's say they sell at around 50¥.

I have NO idea what this is for I don't drink Zima nor have I heard of Verbal. It will make a nice engagement ring though!

Finally three little Harry Potter doodads and a Flying Car keychain. This car was not for sale and I'm not sure how one acquires it. Perhaps they were premiums that came with the DVD. I took a closer look at one of the doodads and it is a reproduction of the DVD case and a Death-Eater.

Finally, a bull shark from Jaws, not Bruce himself.

Let's assume that all of the above items sell for 50 yen a piece, that's 41 items for a total of 2050. Not a bad investment for 300¥!

At the Mandai clone in Morioka called Yorozuya, I picked up a bag of Evangelion goodies for either 300 or 500¥.

Check out what I landed.

These were still in their packaging with the price attached, 300¥each.

This one was marked down from 800 to 300¥.

These guys were marked at 500¥!

These cool little figures from Evangelion High School ranged from 200-500¥ per.

These four were 500 each and I know they've been on the shelf for quite a while for the plastic was beginning to deteriorate on one of them.

The one on the left was 200, on the right 400¥. Surprisingly, these were still in their initial packaging. I wish I know how much they originally sold for. I have a suspicion that these were Kuji prizes and thus 620¥ each.
When you total up the price tags on each of these, it comes to 7100¥! That is really a markdown! I have a friend in Toronto who would like these though I suspect I'll be keeping the High School clan for myself.
I'll be in Morioka next weekend for a wedding, if time permits, I'll drop in there again and see what other grab bags they have!

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