Mr. Big Stuff.

Today was payday and what better way to blow a few bucks than winning a few GotG goodies. Groot and the gang were tough to catch yet I still managed to wrangle a set.

These particular crane games make it tough to grab your prize, it took me several tries to land just a single one. The arm of the crane would pick it up and then drop it, again and again. I had to have the staff re-position them several times and even then they were elusive. After a couple of dozen tries, I landed my full set!

I've placed these guys on my dashboard in such a way so they won't block my view while driving. It is the first pimping of my ride to date.

Btw, the GotG gang are featured in a twitter campaign and the top prize is this dancing Groot. Alas, I have never tweeted nor twittered and have no desire to start doing so thus this prize shall remain unsought.

The above guys were difficult to wrangle though another crane game places older prizes in a single bin and the arms on this game are programmed to actually pick up the desired item. It costs 200 yen per attempt but I usually grab my quarry in a single try. This is what I landed today.
A cushy Chupacabra pillow. (Click that link or this one for more examples of Chupacabra.)

I also grabbed two Fantastic Beasts mufflers (I asked two different staff to position the prizes, I didn't want to appear greedy).

I was going to give them away as presents yet this is rather cozy so I think I'll keep it.

Speaking of Fantastic Beasts, I acquired this platypus-like Niffler several weeks ago. She even has a little pouch in front.

Last week was a first for me. I landed two prizes in one shot. I don't really want the dog but I did desire the Stay Puft Man.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to grab this giant Daruma ball as well.

I won this Spidey and IronMan a while ago and I see that there are a few more in one of the more difficult bins. I'll wait until they land in this easy bin and grab them for friends.

Now that Guardians release is on the horizon, I'm hoping there'll be lots more prizes for me to win!

Here's an extended preview for your purview.

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