Oot 'n Aboot.

I've done a teeny bit of travelling during my vacation (I can officially call it a vacation now that I am certain that I have a job to return to in a week or so). Last weekend, I journeyed to Yamagata Prefecture and it was an enjoyable 5-hour round trip for a 20 minute wedding. Not much time to stop for photo ops, so I only snapped these three from a conbini en route back.

I have to return there during Golden Week next month, so hopefully I'll spend an extra day or two and travel around there.

The following day, I ventured out to Rifu to watch Lego Batman (Yay!) and had time to kill so also viewed Hardcore Harry (Boo!)

Hardcore Harry (or Henry, I can't remember which for its Japanese title is just Hardcore) was nonstop confusing action and if you watch the above video, I hope you aren't prone to seizures for it is just dizzying!

 On the other hand, Lego Batman* is a fun romp. Unfortunately, the entire movie is in Japanese yet still fairly easy to follow. I did enjoy all the villainous cameos such as King Tut, Egghead and Kiteman.
*That link will take you to the website and there is lots to do on that page but be forewarned, it loudly blasts the theme at you and it takes a while to discover where the mute button is.
Biggest disappointment...NO goods. Not a clear-file, a figure, a postcard or anything. Fine, DC, once again miss an opportunity to rake in some money.

I redeemed my need for loot by winning this at UFO Catcher. At least Marvel knows how to steal my money.

On Tuesday/Wednesday myself, a few staff and 33 kiddies ventured to the Kurikoma area for a Spring Camp in Hanayama. I had a good time though I am definitely out of practice for hiking.

The kiddies made charred planks, our job was to ensure they didn't set each other afire.

Sunset from the dining hall.

We had a funky little campfire and I tasted my first s'mores. Verdict: meh.

If you embiggen this picture and squint real hard, you can see a couple of stars.

The following day, the wee lads and lasses decorated tote bags. I like this one dude's dragon.

Natch, I adorned mine with Kaiju! Tote-ally awesome!

On display throughout the Campsite/Hotel were several stuffed creatures. I'm rather partial to the soulless eyes on this bear.

Finally yesterday, I had some spare time before hooking up with ex-Sendaian, Andy and his clan. So I wondered over to Tsutsujigaoka Park to see if any cherry trees were blossoming. Slim pickings at best.

Too bad because I wanted to try out my new socks on the picnic blanket.

We did meet and his older sis and spawn wandered through Aer. Happy Pokemon Easter!

I didn't buy any, but I do like these Cosplaying Pikachus.

Finally, I have a friend who collects these mini-masking tapes. She'd probably like these.

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