Hoppy Easter!

I married a couple today (as in performed a wedding ceremony as a Priest, not in some strange three-way nuptials) and no one involved had any idea that today was Easter. I informed the couple and they seemed pleased with the news, while remaining oblivious to the significance. Anyway, a nice wedding day nonetheless.

I had some time to kill before the ceremony so I wandered around the Shozankan area and snapped a few pics of hanami.

After the wedding, I wandered over to Rifu in order to assist a friend with her school's Easter Party. It was fun and I even decorated an egg. I'm so proud, I managed to stay within the lines! (Mostly.)

After that, I hooked up with Kyary Pyamu Pyamu for an Easter Party photo op. She's nice, though a little bit flat.

 I gave each of the staff an Easter KitKat. Custard Pudding flavoured though way too sweet for me.

Unlike your typical mini-KitKat, there are not two wafer sticks, rather they are joined together halfway. I just now figured out why, they're shaped like bunny ears.

I never associated "lucky" to be a term used at Easter-time. I suppose it wasn't so lucky for Jesus on the Friday yet his luck improved after three days.

The only other Easter item I acquired was this pair of liquor filled eggs from a friend who bought them in Spain. Very yummy, very potent!

Happy Easter or Oestre or Ishtar or Passover or whatever the heck you do in the middle of April!

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