Enter the Kongtest.

A cameraman friend of mine sent me this picture today of King Kong vs. Godzilla. It's on the side of a small building in Motomiya, Fukushima. It's stuff like this that continues to impress me about this country we've adopted.

It has inspired me to write my long awaited post on Skull Island. I loved that movie, probably more so than the last Hollywood Godzilla or Shin-Godzilla. Who knew that John C. Reilly could be such a badass? Yet the biggest disappointment about this flick is its utter complete lack of goodies. The only item I received was this poster upon viewing it in IMAX.

The only other items available are these cool gifts that can only be received via answering a trivia question. (If you want to know the answer, ask me in the comments section. I don't want everyone vying for the big prize!)

(There is also a Funko Pop or t-shirt available here.)

I don't know if it's still available but I wouldn't mind this Kong-sized bucket of popcorn available only at 109-Cinema.

Due to the distinct lack of goods, I'm going to have dig into my archives from PJ's Kong of a decade ago. Rather than keep it in its box, I decided this Kong would look better on top of my desk.

Even cooler than that though are these 10 little figures featuring some of the iconic scenes and creatures.

The only other Kong item I own is this UFO-caught giant head. At a Halloween party about 9 years ago, I carried this beheaded gorilla noggin around when I portrayed a caveman.

Finally, here are a couple of Gatcha-Gorillas that I obtained over a year ago. The one on the left will hang on to your pencil and the guy on the right is to keep your earphones from tangling.

King Kong is still playing in the theatre and I may just catch it one more time before it disappears completely.

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