Funky Aliens!

Actually, Funko Aliens and more...
On our trip to Kitakami on Saturday, we popped into a Book Market in Furukawa and hadn't found anything of note. Then an Alien was espied. And another, and another, and another!

See that little Alien Covenant toddler? There was also one of those at the same price as the big one. I didn't bother buying it. Now I did some research and wish I had.

Also a Dorbz above and a Mini-Pop below that I bought ages ago.

Also a couple of Predators with a Dorbz and Mini-Pop as well.

Also a cornucopia of Horror icons, such as Hannibal Lector, Carrie, and the Mummy gal.

I'm not sure who this gal is. I doubt whether she's Walking Dead, must be some other Horror icon.
UPDATE: One of my roving reporters has identified the lady in question: Mrs Featherstone from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Ooh, Alex from Clockwork Orange!

Pinhead from one of the innumerable Hellraiser movies.

A taller, slightly more expensive Pinhead.

And a slightly more expensive Beetlejuice. (All of these were only 2 bucks a piece. These taller ones were 3.)

Beetlejuice Dorbz and a Chucky Dorbz! (I'm not a big Dorbz fan but these ones are okay.)

Not a bad haul for 2000 yen! (And I'd even sold off an Attack on Titan model earlier for 1600 so I almost made a profit.)

Happy Foundation Day to me!

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