Mecha Mecca.

Mandai is the place one goes for all things nerdy, geeky, otaku and just plain nifty stuff--A Mecha-Mecca so to speak. Today's venture nabbed me this model kit for Mecha-Godzilla for 3 bucks. I have several other models in the same series and I'm surprised that I've never spoken of them before; that can wait for another day.

Hmm, it doesn't look that complicated.

Ah, the finished product.

Sweet! A giant poster of MG itself.

The cover of the instruction booklet. Another nice pic.

Speaking of Kaiju, I thought I'd get a couple of Kongs for a friend.

These three cards came in a package with a little Tsum Tsum Iron Man phone cleaner.


I don't remember seeing this particular Jack before. Pretty sure it's from a Choco-egg, but which series??

A few straps for presents for my Canuck friends.

A Chewie magnet!

These two Tsum Tsum Boba Fetts were a third of the price.

Yay! All of the above for ten bucks, not a bad haul! (Note: the amount spent does not include the 1000 yen I spent trying to no avail to win a Black Panther figure at UFO Catcher.) I did though win this Antman for less than that.

Happy Cat Day! 2/22 (nya nya-nya is mewing in Japanese and nya is slang for 2.)

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