Q Pockets.

Ah, not Q Pockets, rather Q Poskets. Today, the Wonder Woman Qs were released and I won the first one with a minimum of effort. Alas, it took me much longer (and more cash) to win the second.

These are worth a few shekels on the market right now so I'm not going to open them. I have another of these doe-eyed dolls to show off, a Harley Quinn that I won before Christmas.

The rest of the characters to date have been Disney Princesses (see the link above) and I'm surprised that DC beat Marvel to the punch.
Speaking of DC, I bought a Wacky Wobbler Aquaman on sale.

He fits in well with my other Bobble-heads. These are all very effective early warning systems for earthquakes.

Here's Aquaman in action.

Here are the rest of the gang. I'm very disappointed in my Martian though I'm glad to see the Colonel outperforms them all.

I picked up a couple of other tidbits at Mandai Izumi. That is one tiny spaceship or one enormous ET!

I'd stopped buying NbC stuff long ago, yet I couldn't resist an Oogie Boogie for a buck.

Usually these go for 200-300 yen but they've been knocked down to a buck. Not bad, especially since someone is trying to get almost 70 bucks for one. The average is around 20$

Mary Poppins isn't quite as popular as Rocketeer but I've been waiting for her to drop in price.


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