It's Sparky!

Now that the Chinese New Year has been celebrated, we can officially call this the Year of the Dog! Since I'm a Dawg myself, I thought I'd show off some pictures of my favourite dog, Sparky from Frankenweenie.

This set of Gatcha-capsules are straps. It took me a while to complete this set though I finally did so.

Sparkysaurus is supposed to be rare. How is it that I have five of them and it took me ages to get the others?

I have about a half dozen of these ones!

The other set of Gatchas were a little more expensive, so I didn't splurge on them.

I do like the poop prognosticating purrer.

I saw relatively few UFO Catch items back in the day. These are the only two I've amassed.

One day I came across this book at BookOff and it was only a buck. Kaching!

I like this patchy stitchy witty and wacky song by Kaela Kimura. Sing along...

That's all I have on Frankenweenie. Here are three different KitKats that came out before the New Year. I was going to send them out as New Years' cards but never got around to it.

You write a little message on the back as well.

Happ Inu Year!

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